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Family Vino PONG – The old folks win. The young ones fall in love.

Vino Pong Family Style


Family. When I think of the word family a multitude of emotions come to the fore of my mind. Family is typically a very integral part of life. It means when, how and why we are who we are. My life has always been centered on family. Good and bad – I feel it affects everyday. Some good. Some bad. But, never reliable. I never thought the word bad could be associated with the word family, but life has dictated otherwise.

Initially words like affection, love, unity, work and home would have been first and foremost in my mind. These have changed to distrust, secrets, crazy, lack of loyalty, and time changes all things.

Family changes. There used to be a cohesiveness affiliated. Now there is only separation and that which has yet to come. There is no telling what my view on family will be ten years from now, but I hope for a significant change for the better. After-all, family is who we are.