About GlitzKissedProse

Thanks for stopping in! It is a pleasure to share with you a little “About” how I became a blogger.

I learned the art of writing for entertainment while attending university in the San Francisco Bay Area. This experience was so profound that I knew without a doubt that not only did I have a great love for writing I was also very good at it. My first endeavor rendered a screenplay called, “The Tarantella”, for which I was awarded The Crane by the professors at San Jose State University. Since the writing came so easily on this script I felt guilty accepting the award. Surviving the two minutes of guilt I knew where I wanted to go. I wanted to take my writing to the rest of the world on paper or whatever other medium our ever-evolving world would allow: books, the big screen, television, periodicals or blogs. Heaven was my only limit. So here I am sharing with you.

To get a little more personal on the subject…I am a romantic and love to pull on the heart strings and provide a unique view on life, while offering a fun escape to the world’s stay-at-home parents, and frustrated-over-worked individuals in society who all too often have a need for a quick light-hearted and fun sojourn from their dictated daily hard-driven agendas and the norm.

As one of my readers I invite you the opportunity to mull this over as you scan the delicious words. Chow down on wordpress. Ciao!

It is my pleasure, and truly a dream come true to become a part of your literary adventures. Thanks again for visiting!


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