Watching My Fish and Thinking of Hot Cocoa

Posted: December 7, 2011 in Thought of the Day
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It is freezing this morning. I am exaggerating. I guess freezing is a relative term since I don’t have icicles hanging from my nose or eye lashes, but my fingers are stiff and the temperature gauge in the hallway reads 66 after the heater running for an hour.  I put on my hoodie but it hasn’t done the trick yet. Which confidentiality is white. You know the old adage not to wear black on a hot day because black absorbs the heat. Perhaps the white is absorbing the cold? Note to self, add black hoodie to shopping list.

My little blue beta fish who sits off to the side of my monitor looks kinda happy this morning. It doesn’t seem that the cold has made a bit of difference to him. He is swimming through the shards of sunshine shooting through the middle of his tiny square tank. I kinda want to jump in there with him and share in the warmth of his fluid motion. Is it wrong for me to long to be a fish with a tank in the sun?

Ah, but yes! Because then I wouldn’t have the luxury of a nice hot cocoa with whipped topping. Which reminds me of the time I felt sorry for my daddies tropical fish because they didn’t have any Hershey’s Cocoa to drink. I poured what remained in the container, after making myself a cup, into the tank. Through the eyes of a four year old they looked very happy.

Off for immediate revival. Yes, HOT chocolate!


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